Mountains of Classic Games For $10 A Month

It seems like there’s a new streaming service every week. If you’re not careful, the lure of unfettered access to massive digital libraries will suck you in and bleed your wallet dry. Anyway, here’s another one! Antstream is launching this summer with just, gobs of classic games.


The developers are running a Kickstarter right this second, but don’t let that scare you off! The service is coming soon whether this round of funding succeeds or fails. No, this is just to see what kinds of features and games people want, as well as a way to find out where servers should be built. Plus, more money means more licences! Can’t go wrong with a bigger library of games, ya know?


There’s a list up of the 400 games they’ve got currently got ready to go. At present, the complete list is around 2000 titles strong. Hopefully we’ll get a better look at the complete library as we get closer to launch. Backers will get early access next month, with the full service launching later in the summer. You can check the games here and the Kickstarter campaign here. Of note is the presence of a handful of SNK games, as well as a ton of Data East titles. Even Double Dragon is there!

SOURCE: Press Release

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