Sega has unleashed some new DLC for Valkyria Chronicles 4 was introduces the members of “Squad 7” from the original title. Releasing alongside another bonus chapter, both are being offered for free to anyone that pre-ordered the game or purchased one of the other DLC packs. The headliner, titled “A United Front with Squad 7,” will give players the chance to recruit six characters from the first Valkyria Chronicles and even use the “Edelweiss” tank.

Unlike the other DLC chapters, the Squad 7 pack can be accessed fairly early in the game. Once you reach chapter two, you can go about adding Welkin, Alicia and co to your team. If you do get them killed in 4’s main missions, though, they will disappear. The second free pack, “Advance Ops,” will unlock Edy for recruitment and a special weapon.

No season pass is available for Valkyria Chronicles 4, so you’ll just have to pick any random DLC pack if you didn’t pre-order the title. I don’t know much about which one is the longest or offers the best value, but there are three different packs available for $4.99 (“The Two Valkyria,” “A Captainless Squad” and “Expert Level Skirmishes”). $5 to the cast of Valkyria Chronicles doesn’t sound bad to me.

Reunite with Squad 7 in Valkyria Chronicles 4's newest DLC screenshot

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Reunite with Squad 7 in Valkyria Chronicles 4’s newest DLC