Coffee is my blood. Not literally that would be hideous but the caffeine-infused drink has become an unfortunate necessity, something required to start my day, keep me moving once we hit lunch and, on occasion, warm up those colder evenings. (Decaff, of course.)

I visit the same coffee house almost daily, to the point where I have become recognisable, both by name and by drink. It’s nice to speak to familiar faces, even if it’s just over a counter of steaming machines and chocolate and date cakes. But I have to admit, I do sometimes wonder if all of this latte love is doing me harm (he says, 72 hours removed from a migraine).

Still, from minutes to hours at a time, a good coffee house can be a welcome escape. That’s what Indonesian studio Toge Productions is hoping to capture with its interactive visual novel Coffee Talk, a title which unavoidably bears more than a passing resemblance to beloved bartending game VA-11 HALL-A. But when you replace Jill’s boozy noir cynicism with a warm smile and just a pinch of cinnamon, can you still set your customers’ world to rights? Let me write your name on this cup and we’ll find out.  

Review: Coffee Talk screenshot

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Review: Coffee Talk