A little over a year ago, Three Fields Entertainment graced us with a sort of reboot of the Burnout series by a different name. Danger Zone, as it was called, focused on the Crash mode from Criterion’s heyday and it was a pretty damn fun time. The experience was too short and didn’t exhibit any of the polish of its forefather, but it made a great first impression and gave me hope for the future.

I was excited to hear that we’d be getting a Danger Zone 2, mostly because this could be a direct mirror of the Burnout series. The original Criterion racer was a solid tech demo, but Burnout 2: Point of Impact proved that Criterion wasn’t just developing a gimmicky racer.

While Danger Zone 2 improves on its predecessor in a lot of key areas, it sadly has too many technical hurdles holding it back from greatness.

Review: Danger Zone 2 screenshot

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Review: Danger Zone 2