I remember the first time I played a title in the Skylanders series. It was the first game for the Nintendo 3DS. I found it on sale at Best Buy and decided to pick both it and three figures up. When I got home I ended up beating the game in just a few hours, only to find I didn’t actually beat the game. At least not all of it. Skylanders was designed to get you to buy toys, and while I had three figures to go with my game, I didn’t have the right figures to unlock every route, or to see every part of every level.

I could have gone back to the store and purchased the three extra figures I needed to see all Skylanders had to offer, but instead I traded the game in; realizing that while I found the gameplay fun, forcing me to buy more toys just to see slightly different areas in each stage was not something I could bring myself to do. Thankfully, that won’t be an issue with Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Review in Progress: Starlink: Battle for Atlas screenshot

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Review in Progress: Starlink: Battle for Atlas

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