While watching one of the Indiana Jones films, have you ever stopped to think how unlikely it is that Indy succeeds all the time? What are the chances he knows exactly which items to use in remote locations around the world at the exact right time? How can he stroll into ancient ruins, step on pressure plates, and narrowly avoid death all the time? Since it looks so easy in film, many of us have thought we could do the same thing. Those daring feats of cunning wit and narrow escapes look so enticing that it shouldn’t be so difficult, right?

If you’ve ever believed you could be Indiana Jones, playing the cult-classic La-Mulana would quickly put you in your place. This is a game not afraid to erase hours of progress for failing to pay attention and one with clues so cryptic a blind playthrough could take upwards of 100 hours. While it was never a massive commercial success, La-Mulana gained a big enough following to Kickstart a sequel and show us that, yeah, being Indiana Jones ain’t that easy.

I just wish the whole thing was polished better because my struggles with reaching the conclusion aren’t purely down to my lacking spatial awareness.

Review: La-Mulana 2 screenshot

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Review: La-Mulana 2