If you ever want to experience a haunted house from the comfort of your own home, Layers of Fear would like to have a word. The first spooky-door-opening adventure was about a delusional painter’s lonely descent into madness in a Victorian mansion. It had its creepy moments and requisite jump-scares, but none of the frights quite lived up to what my imagination told me was lurking just out of frame. Still, even if the game didn’t make the most of its setting, I dug the tortured-artist conceit.

Layers of Fear 2, meanwhile, takes those same broad strokes and applies them to a promising new setting and protagonist. There’s plenty of light puzzling and mind-bending floor plans like before, but this time, we’re cast as a famed actor stepping aboard an ocean liner for a strangely personal gig.

Oh, and Bloober Team got Tony Todd (Candyman) to lend his gravelly voice as narrator.

Review: Layers of Fear 2 screenshot

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Review: Layers of Fear 2

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