Fighting games had mostly died off before Capcom resurrected the genre with Street Fighter IV in 2008. While there were plenty of niche titles to fill the void in between, nothing had grabbed the public’s attention like what Capcom’s revival managed. Ever since that time, basically every series you could imagine has come back and been done justice…save for a few.

At roughly the same time that Capcom was revitalizing fighters, SNK basically struck out with its premiere franchise Samurai Shodown. To put it bluntly, Samurai Shodown Sen was anything but good. A once highly respected and very technical series, the poorly executed Sen assured that the series would be taking a lengthy hiatus after how poorly it performed.

Thankfully, life isn’t completely terrible. After nearly a decade, SNK announced that it would be rebirthing the series with a new entry. The time away has seen SNK give us some great fighters, so it was only a matter of time before Haohmaru and co would return. For the most part, they’ve nailed it, too.

Review: Samurai Shodown screenshot

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Review: Samurai Shodown