The Sinking City is without a doubt a love letter to H. P. Lovecraft’s work. Even going as far as being set within the same universe, specifically The Shadow over Innsmouth, and directly references those events and plenty more from Lovecraft’s tales. However, it’s not just a clear love for the source material that makes The Sinking City great. The atmosphere and world building of Oakmont, Massachusetts are just as deep as its fictional waters, with a story and murky sense of morality to match in the best possible ways.

You’re placed in the shoes of Charles Reed, a great war veteran turned private eye who is losing his grip on sanity. He arrives in Oakmont looking for the source of his chaotic visions and is quickly tasked with also solving the seemingly supernatural flooding that is taking place in Oakmont. Between dodging gunfire from simple crooks and encounters with nightmarish creatures, you’ll wade through the darkness and insanity of Oakmont’s citizens and unravel an intrinsic mystery only fitting from the folks that brought us the Sherlock Holmes games.

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Review: The Sinking City