Like Lazarus, The Walking Dead: The Final Season has risen from the grave to continue shuffling toward its seemingly dour conclusion. After the unfortunate closure of Telltale Games last year, it seemed that all was lost for the story of Clementine, with the series abandoned just two episodes from its finale.

That wasn’t to be, however, as Skybound Games picked up The Walking Dead license – along with a bevy of Telltale’s former employees – and are pushing on to complete the four-season story of survival, loss, and friendship, set against the background of a populace tearing itself apart, figuratively and literally.

When we last left Clementine and A.J. the pair had violently fended off a brutal siege at their schoolhouse compound, leaving some friends abducted and others six feet under. With a diminished party and their friends’ very lives at stake, can Clementine hold it together to mount a rescue mission? What hope do these kids have against a heavily-armed band of scavengers, anyway?

Review: The Walking Dead - The Final Season: Broken Toys screenshot

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Review: The Walking Dead – The Final Season: Broken Toys