The Rifts in Fortnite Are Tearing the Map Apart, Lisa

Things have gotten awful weird in Fortnite following a rocket launch that ripped a hole in the fabric of space above the game’s map. At first rifts began expanding and appearing in different parts of the map, but now they’re actually sending objects across dimensions into our own world.

Fortnite Rift

As reported in our previous coverage with some help from Fortnite Intel, smaller dimensional rifts began appearing in Lonely Lodge in place of the cabin’s sign, and another opened in front of the Motel sign. Since then, the Motel sign has been destroyed and replaced by a larger rift, and the same fate has befallen the Tomato Town head, the NOMS sign in Retail Row, and the enormous burger mascot for Durrr Burger.

None of the signs have been found anywhere else in the game’s map, but one of them was found yesterday in a California desert, alongside a bizarre tent with a sign, and a police car that looks like it too could be from the world of Fortnite.

The theory is that it’s a big tease for an upcoming desert-or-western-based map that players are expecting to come to the game with the launch of Season 5 on July 12th. Players also stumbled across an anchor in game yesterday on a hill between Greasy Grove (where Durrr Burger is) and Snobby Shores. The anchor can be destroyed, granting players wood and metal, but nothing else is known about it or its significance.

Fortnite Anchor

It’s only a matter of time until we find out the real significance of all of this, but the rifts seem to have a particular disdain for signage, food, and in a couple cases, hospitality.

Personally, I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to think that the new map could be based around a myriad of things as opposed to one single theme. There’s also the theory of time travel being included in some way. If you combine all of these theories as well as some of Season 4’s costumes, you get an idea that the new map could be based around the Golden Age of Hollywood, when westerns, detectives, and adaptations of various mythologies dominated silver screens across the world. The fact that Durrr Burger showed up in California, where Hollywood actually is, lends itself to this theory as well, along with the Noir costumes, the Drum Gun, Moisty Mire’s film sets and the cameras appearing across the map, and the theme of Season 4 itself, Superheroes, which currently dominate our film industry.

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