From Bad To Worse

In case you haven’t been following along at home, Riot Games has been suffering some legal troubles of late. Several employees have voiced some pretty serious complaints, and a pair of lawsuits sprung up to make them official. Then, once those lawsuits were blocked, the employees at Riot started looking at a walkout as an alternative.

Riot Games

If complaints and lawsuits are bad signs, then a walkout is much worse. This means the staff at Riot are being pushed into a corner by their bosses. In particular, the lawsuits being blocked suggests that maybe this case has some legitimacy to it? According to the report at Kotaku, talks of collective staff action had been in the pipes for months. This latest move by the management just pushed things over the edge.


While a clear and concise document has made the rounds detailing the walkout demands, it’s unclear how many people will participate. All of this isn’t happening in earnest until May 6, so there’s still time for Riot to come around. If they don’t, we could see a large-scale demonstration in support of a less toxic gaming industry workplace very soon. You can check out the whole story here.


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