Expansions and Gear All Summer Long

In order to prepare for the release of Battlefield V this October, DICE are loading players up with free stuff all summer long. While they’ve already given away multiple expansions for Battlefield 1, they will be doing so again before the summer’s over. On top of that, they’ll be giving away gear for use in V when it comes out. In other words, if you’re not still playing BF1, they want you to be.

Battlefield V

These giveaways are happening pretty much every week. If you missed the chance to grab In The Name of the Tsar and Turning Tides earlier this summer, they’ll be doing it again. In order not to miss such a hot opportunity, you can keep a regular eye on their calendar. As a matter of fact, they’ll be giving away the Apocalypse expansion later this month.


Once again, the rewards for gear (for both Battlefield 1 and V) change every week, so even if you’re not getting big stuff like expansions, there’s always in-game rewards to stack up. There’s also expansions for Battlefield 4 going out, but not quite as frequently. Alternately, you can keep an eye on the Road to Battlefield V site for even more details. Battlefield V is set for release on October 19th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Road To Battlefield V Full of Free Stuff