The Ink has Just Dried on a Partnership Between WWE and Roblox to Bring Wrestling Superstars to the Game Creation Sandbox

Roblox players who have big dreams of playing as their favorite WWE Superstars will finally get the chance as the two corporations have recently signed a deal to bring Wrestlemania to the game creation sandbox platform. Fans will get the opportunity to play as some powerhouse wrestles: Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Xavier Woods. Players will also get a chance to get purchase special WWE-themed items for their Roblox avatars which includes a championship title, a hat, and a backpack themed to the WWE brand.

Craig Donato, Chief Business Officer for Roblox expressed his excitement over the deal in a press release: “Like Roblox, WWE brings a sense of play and fun into millions of people’s lives, and we’re excited to partner with them ahead of this landmark event. Picking your avatar on Roblox is one of the many ways players can express themselves creatively, and with these new characters, fans can show their support and play as their favorite Superstars.”


WWE Executive Vice President, Jayar Donlan, also sounded off: “We are always looking for fun, imaginative ways to engage our fans across a variety of platforms, and we are excited to partner with Roblox as we head into WrestleMania. Roblox is also a unique way to immerse a new generation of fans into WWE as they can create, share, and bring Superstar avatars and experiences to life.”

The Wrestlemania exclusive bundles are currently available for purchase through the Roblox platform and will continue to be available through May 3. As a reminder to WWE fans, Wrestlemania takes place tonight, April 7, at MetLife Stadium and will be streaming nationally at 7 pm EDT. So hurry up and get those avatars going before the match starts!

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Roblox and WWE Partner for Adorable Wrestlemania

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