Rocket League‘s third Rocket Pass launches on April 17, and it’ll be accompanied by a new feature that amplifies its appeal. Psyonix is introducing a Challenges system to Rocket League, and it makes perfect sense for the players who are trying to cruise through all the Rocket Pass tiers to get to the painted special items.

Challenges are just as they seem: Side activities that come with their own rewards. They’re mostly innocuous. Use certain quickchats in 15 online matches, rack up some stats with a special antenna equipped — that sort of stuff. There will be six challenges each week. Three of them are free for everyone, and another three are reserved for people who pay $10 for the premium Rocket Pass 3 track.

We spoke with game director Scott Rudi, and he explained why the challenges are structured around the basics of Rocket League. “We don’t want people to chase crazy objectives and ruin the games for their teammates. We want to protect that core gameplay,” Rudi said. Imagine a challenge for scoring a flip reset goal, which is definitely one of Rocket League‘s flashier and more advanced mechanics. It’d be infuriating to be partnered up with someone who’s obsessively trying to tick off that challenge (especially if they can’t do it). It’d all but guarantee a loss.

Rocket League has Challenges now, and they're the perfect complement to Rocket Pass 3 screenshot

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Rocket League has Challenges now, and they’re the perfect complement to Rocket Pass 3

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