For the second straight year, Rocket League is taking advantage of the summer break between RLCS seasons to hold a high-profile doubles tournament. The NBC Universal Open is interesting in that 2v2 is Rocket League‘s most-played playlist but not something that Psyonix generally spotlights for esports. Standard 3v3 is the most refined version of the game, whereas 2v2 has this calculated chaos about it where kickoff goals are semi-normal and a single demolition can be a game-changer. There’s more free space on the pitch and that alone makes doubles ripe for the unpredictable.

That’s exactly what happened on the European side of the tournament today. Most of the favorites in Europe were eliminated from the double elimination bracket earlier this afternoon. The biggest casualty came from the defending NBC Universal Open champions Team Dignitas (Kaydop and ViolentPanda), as they won their opening matchup before dropping their next two series in surprising defeat.

Rocket League's 2v2 tournament just got a crazy shakeup screenshot

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Rocket League’s 2v2 tournament just got a crazy shakeup