Rockstar is in the giving mood this weekend and plans to drop five gold bars into the satchel of anyone who plays Red Dead Online between today and Sunday, January 27. All you have to do is log in and play a bit, and you’ll have those gold bars delivered to you on Tuesday, January 29 (they must be coming via Pony Express).

Red Dead Online’s new battle royale style Gun Rush mode has some satisfying moments, but getting into a full match has proven difficult for many. Today, Rockstar also announced some changes it hopes addresses the issue. 

“We identified a few matchmaking issues that we are continually working to address,” Rockstar said in a newswire post. “We’ve since added some minor improvements that should help generate fuller lobbies and we will add more fixes in upcoming title updates.” 

The online feedback page has been updated with a dedicated Gun Rush topic as well, so if you want to share your opinion on the mode, head here.

Rockstar Announces Free Gold Rush In Red Dead Online This Weekend