Red Dead Online Now Has Microtransactions

Red Dead Online’s economy is based on cash and gold bars. Although it was previously only possible to acquire currency by playing the game, gold is now available as a premium currency that you can buy with real money.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Gold bars can be purchased in several bundles:

  • 25 gold bars for $9.99
  • 55 gold bars for $19.99
  • 150 gold bars for $49.99
  • 245 gold bars for $74.99
  • 350 gold bars for $99.99

As of now, players can take up a limited-time offer and buy a single bundle of 25 gold bars for $4.99.

“With gold you can quickly unlock goods,” a menu entry reads. “From weapons to horse supplies to unique items for your camp. Gold Bars help you achieve the American dream of being first in line, stockpiling an arsenal, and shopping with abandon while becoming the envy of everyone around you.”


Josh Needleman, Senior Producer at Rockstar San Diego, recently spoke about Red Dead Online and how it differs from Grand Theft Auto Online.

“One of the biggest differences between GTA and Red Dead universes is that you’re often speeding through or flying over a GTA world, whereas in Red Dead Redemption the change of pace elevates the intimacy of the overall experience. Like the single player game’s story of Arthur Morgan, we want people to settle into their online characters and feel like every activity makes sense for the character, the setting and the time. This should feel intimate and personal while still feeling fun and action-packed from moment to moment.”