Let the Speculation Flow

The studio’s absence at E3 2018 only stirred the flames of speculation regarding Rocksteady’s next project. Some new job listings from the Arkham developer indicate that there is indeed something large in the works, and they’re looking for a critically acclaimed skill set to assist.

Batman: Return to Arkham

A multitude of job listings, discovered on Resetera, offer a wide range of opportunities at the UK-based studio. You’ll find everything from coding to community engagement. Moreover, the listings mention work for an unknown AAA title that will operate on “next generation platforms.” The listing may be the first slip that video game developers are already creating with new hardware in mind, and it comes from Rocksteady no less. Over three years since Batman: Arkham Knight launched, it’s clear the project has to be more than another sequel.



Several listings qualify candidates for a permanent role at the studio, while some ask for no less than a 2-year contribution. As Eurogamer mentioned, the timespan may hint at an approximate release window for the unannounced title. What I found a bit more fascinating is the “Lead Animator” listing, which shows the studio’s hope for a “90+ Metacritic score.”Considering their years of silence, it’s no secret Rocksteady is working toward a premium tier quality game. Since they make known their partnership with Warner Bros., it seems likely the mysterious project, once again, deals with a DC comics character(s).

For a while now, rumors have pointed to a possible Superman game in the works. Of course, that may just be wishful thinking from a lot of DC fans. Time will tell, but before time tells us, comment your thoughts on the job listings below.

SOURCE: Eurogamer