Everyone Who Participated Gets One

This weekend’s Anthem VIP demo has been wrought with issues. BioWare has worked to address the issue, and will now be offering a Free Javelin Skin to those who participated.


Since the demo went live on Friday, players have been having a hard time accessing the game – if they can access it at all.  EA’s servers crashed, not just affecting players of the Anthem VIP Demo, but also other games, like FIFA 19.

EA’s Chad Robertson wrote a blog about the issues, and how the team is working hard to fix three key issues that have been plaguing the demo. The blog states that those issues are a combination of a large spike of players for the demos launch, accounts being flagged internally and blocked, as well as infinite load times being caused by how ISPs and home networks connect.

So the solution on the table for these issues beyond repairing them? Players of the VIP demo will be getting a free Javelin skin when the game launches.  It seems sort of like a band-aid solution, offering a cosmetic to players who may not have even gotten a chance to try the game.

With just a little under a month until Anthem officially launches, BioWare and EA don’t have a whole lot of time to fix the issues, but fingers crossed everything will be up and running smoothly in time for the full launch on February 22nd.


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Rocky Anthem Demo Leads to Free Javelin Skin