At RTX 2018 last weekend, I got a chance to catch up with Rooster Teeth Games’ own David Eddings. Having previously worked for Gathering of Developers and Gearbox, Eddings is now the head of game publishing for the budding company and is looking to bring his expertise in the games industry to RT’s future projects. This wasn’t the first time I had met the man, though. I originally ran into him at Screwattack’s SGC in 2015.

At that event, Eddings was a guest on a panel that was roasting the legendary Jon St. John (voice actor for Duke Nukem). After putting on a hilarious show, he took to the audience to introduce himself and give autographs, but I had a bigger request. My sister is a massive fan of Clap-Trap from Borderlands and Eddings previously voiced him, so I thought it would be great to have him talk to her and encourage her to continue pursuing her dream of acting.

The crowd was a bit overwhelming, though, so we never really got the chance to make that happen. Instead, Eddings gave me his business card and told him to pester him with e-mails until he got the free time to do a proper recording of Clap-Trap for my sister. That eventually come to fruition and she still has the message to this day.

Rooster Teeth Games' David Eddings sees bright things in store for the publisher screenshot

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Rooster Teeth Games’ David Eddings sees bright things in store for the publisher