Google Reportedly Wants In On The Console Business

Google is rumored to be developing a streaming platform and a console, according to a report from Kotaku. Not much is known about the console but the streaming platform is reportedly codenamed “Yeti” and is said to be capable of running games with cutting edge graphics.

Google app on phones

The tech company was reportedly speaking with game developers about their streaming platform at this year’s Game Developers Conference and E3 2018. The company is also trying to acquire game developer studios outright, according to Kotaku’s sources.

The report compares Yeti to Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service and says that Google’s platform would allow users to stream high-end PC games on less capable computers by having other powerful PCs run those games.

“As one person familiar with Yeti described it: Imagine playing The Witcher 3 within a tab on Google Chrome,” read Kotaku’s report.

Another example of Yeti’s rumored features involves it being integrated with YouTube and users being able to play a streamed game while also watching a walkthrough of it on YouTube (via an overlay) if they get stuck.


However, there wasn’t much to be said about their rumored console in the report. It isn’t known whether or not the console will be competing with the Xbox or PlayStation in terms of graphical power or will be using Yeti as a way for its owners to play current-gen or next-gen games.

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