The Wonderful 101 Might Be on Its Way to PS4 & Switch

Character action classic The Wonderful 101 is possibly launching on PS4 & Nintendo Switch if a rumored Kickstarter campaign is successful, according to a recent report from gaming YouTube channel GameXplain.

According to what a source told the channel (mentioned at the 1:06 video mark), the ports will be funded via Kickstarter. A Kickstarter profile seemingly belonging to PlatinumGames was recently discovered but is currently private.

Earlier in the video posted above, GameXplain points out a recent Twitter picture of PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya (who worked on The Wonderful 101) sitting in the studio’s office next to a computer with its clock showing “1:01”. Kamiya is also sitting near a Nintendo Switch.

The video also mentions a 4chan rumor about the port getting announced on this upcoming Monday and coming to Xbox One as well but GameXplain couldn’t confirm the February announcement and Xbox One port were actually happening.

The Wonderful 101


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