Rumor: SMITE Could Be Making Its Way to the Nintendo Switch

SMITE first released four and half years ago for the PC, followed by a console release one year later. It soon became a MOBA community favourite and still has quite the player base today. Until today there has been nothing to indicate a release on the Nintendo Switch, though data miners may have just found something that says otherwise!

SMITE Battleground of the Gods

According to dataminers, a new patch for SMITE on the other platforms may have just uncovered some fantastic news for MOBA fans everywhere. Apparently, within this recent patch (5.18) there is a reference to a potential Nintendo Switch version making an appearance under the Oasis tag. These data miners have stated this is exactly how the game came out as part of the console release in 2015.


While Hi-Rez Studios has yet to confirm this claim, it may not come as a huge shock, especially after the Paladins arrival on the Switch earlier this year. And despite the competition with a bunch of other great games on the new system, especially Fortnite, Paladins has been quite successful since it joined the ranks on the Switch. Another thing that remains uncertain is whether or not SMITE will require a Nintendo Switch Online membership, though if it follows in the footsteps of Paladins and other free-to-play titles it’s safe to assume it will not. Fingers crossed that we’ll receive some sort of confirmation from Hi-Rez Studios soon!

If you’re not up to date on what SMITE is, you can check out this description from Steam below.

  • Enter the Battleground of the Gods
    • Join the millions of SMITE players competing in the free-to-play Battleground of the Gods! SMITE is the multiplayer online battle arena for players of every skill level.
  • 90+ Unique Gods from Around the World
    • With a growing roster of more than 90 Gods, SMITE features recognizable icons from global mythology. Launch lightning bolts as Zeus, assassinate from the shadows as Loki, or charge into battle as the mighty Monkey King, Sun Wukong.
  • Battleground for All 
    • SMITE has competition for everyone. Enter the Arena, the perfect game mode for players hungry for fast-paced battles. Looking for a more strategic experience? Conquest is SMITE’s premiere competitive mode. Crush the opposing Gods and slay their Titan for a triumphant victory.
  • Become Godlike
    • Test your divine skills against the best of the best SMITE players in Ranked. Climb the ladder from Bronze to Masters and claim your place at the top. Assemble a team and enter the world of SMITE esports. Power your way through and compete on the main stage to become a World Champion.

Do you think SMITE would be a good addition to the Nintendo Switch’s arsenal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!