All Aboard the Train to Rumor City

Very interesting development in the world of Final Fantasy: for the first time, Square Enix might retroactively be adding voice overs to an old game. I am not talking about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I mean that we actually might get Final Fantasy VIII Remastered voice acting. The only times where a FF game was redone with a voice was in the full remakes of Final Fantasy IV and VII, but that may now change. Right now, this information should be filed under “rumors”, but there may be some credibility to it.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Voice Acting

The first fully voiced Final Fantasy game was FFX and it was a big deal, until Tidus’ laugh scene. The box art for the game even advertised “Characters With Voices”. Can you imagine if a game boasted that today? Since then, pretty much all of the FF games have followed suit. The reason that some believe that the FFVIII Remaster may have voice acting is because the game’s official website’s source code said that it is “available in English and Japanese voiceover”. Unfortunately, the code has since been changed, but if you want to see it, YouTuber The Night Sky Prince did a video on it and shows the original code.

While the game’s website is an official source technically, it hardly confirms this rumor; websites have made mistakes before. Allow me to offer you a conspiracy theory, if you will. Ahem. Back in like March-ish, Final Fantasy VII, IX, X/X-2, and XII were announced to be coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. While everyone was excited, they also asked about VIII, and why it was not also announced. None of those games required the work of additional voice acting, but if that was indeed the plan for FFVIII, that would explain the delay. That is just my personal theory, and I really hope I hear Seifer say “Chicken wuss.” Final Fantasy VIII Remastered comes out this year on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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Source: YouTube