New Perks, Abilities, and More!

Saints Row 2022 has a ton of new features and abilities, including a brand new point-based combat system, that have been recently leaked to the public and ahead of any official announcement.

Saints Row Reboot

First things first there is a new “Flow” system, this is a point-based system that allows the players to make use of their abilities during combat. Flow can only be earned during combat, and the more you earn Flow, the easier the fight gets as you are able to perform more abilities.

The new Abilities system is directly tied to the Flow you have earned when in combat, the better the ability, the more Flow it will cost. Surprise is an ability that allows players to throw a grenade down enemies’ pants, Flaming Uppercut allows the player to throw enemies into the air, and Ninja allows players to throw a smoke bomb and disappear. There are many more unknown abilities as of right now.

Players will also have 5 slots where they can equip various Perks depending on their play style. Perks will be earnable as players complete challenges and missions. Perks are also divided into 3 categories, Basic perks for small benefits, Advanced perks for better advantages, and Ultimate perks for game-changing abilities such as calling in missiles.

While Saints Row 2022’s campaign will be playable with friends, multiplayer modes are also reportedly coming to the game in a post-launch update without any guaranteed release window as of right now.

Saints Row Reboot was first announced back in August of 2021 and was originally slated for release in March 2022. The game has since then received its fair share of criticism in regards to its art style and the direction it is taking, but the Volition has made it clear that there is no intention for the developers to back down from their creative choices.

Saints Row 2022 is now set to release on August 23, 2022, on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC.


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Saints Row 2022: New Features and Abilities Have Leaked