The Souls-Like Sidescroller Is Coming to Another Portable Platform

Salt and Sanctuary, a 2D action-RPG that’s been compared to Dark Souls, is launching on the Nintendo Switch on August 2nd. The port will cost $17.99 and will be available on the Nintendo eShop.

Another Switch version of the game titled “Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition” is planned to launch later this year.

Much like in Dark Souls, the player character in Salt and Sanctuary, known in-game as “the Saltborn”, is a customizable blank slate that can be molded into multiple character builds. Similarly, the game also has multiple endings and a new game plus mode.

“The two of us wanted to create a Soulslike game that we wanted to play, and finding that so many others who wanted it too warmed our dark little hearts,” said Michelle and James Silva, two of the game’s developers at Ska Studios. “Bringing Salt and Sanctuary to the Nintendo Switch means more people who like dismal, satisfying games can play our very dismal, satisfying game.”

salt and sanctuary

If you’re interested in learning more about Salt and Sanctuary then you should read our review for it!

“Salt & Sanctuary is a brilliant piece of work that apes the Dark Souls franchise in all the right ways while still cutting its own path,” our reviewer wrote. “It looks and plays great, and has a sense of mystery and discovery that I found more compelling than its AAA competitors. Souls fans will be right at home, but the barrier to entry here is low enough to allow the uninitiated to venture forth and take a stab.”


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SOURCE: Press release