New Character Creator Options Come to SCUM

Multiplayer survival game SCUM got updated this week with a new character creator option that will allow players to make female characters. According to the game’s developers, this newly added feature is “just the first iteration” and will be worked on further in the future.


The developers also provided a list of what the new female character creator option provides:

  • Just like our male prisoners have a penis slider, our female prisoners have a breast slider. It works the same way for both.
  • At the moment there are still no tattoos on our ladies! Don’t panic, though, because we’re adding them ASAP, time wasn’t on our side and we had to prioritize!
  • For now you get 3 head variants to choose from!
  • There are also some really neat things we’d like you to discover by yourself!

The update also brings some performance improvements and a new base building mechanic.

It also “overhauled” SCUM’s inventory system. “Most of it was modernizing the system to better accomodate the new inventory-related requirements,” an official Steam news post read. “That also means that our programming team will have a much easier time implementing things from now on. It also brings massive chest and car inventory related optimizations, as well as a [graphical user interface] redesign.”


More of the update’s features can be read here.

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SCUM’s ‘Maneater’ Update Adds Female Characters