In the second trailer for the third Dragon Ball Super movie, titled simply Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we get a closer look at the past for the three Saiyans central to the story and the mad emperor that destroyed their planet. Check out the subtitled trailer below, which dropped at New York Comic-Con yesterday.

The trailer says that Goku, Vegeta, and Broly were all born in close proximity, which might be retconning their origins a bit. Vegeta had always been a bit older than his rival Kakarot, with Goku getting launched to Earth just ahead of its destruction as a baby, while Vegeta was offworld as a child with Nappa when it happened. Frieza lied to him about what happened until Vegeta found out years later. The trailer could also just be misleadingly edited to make it seem like the three were born in within days of each other rather than years.

Frieza also appears without armor in his basic form, being introduced to Planet Vegeta by his father King Cold. It looks like we’ll also see Frieza meeting his Ginyu Force for the first time, as well.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly releases in Japanese theaters this December and will release in North American theaters in English in January.

Second Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer Shows Planet Vegeta Flashbacks