You Don’t Play on a Tablet, You Play AS a Tablet

We often see games with unusual protagonists and characters. I Am Bread lets players control bread, Super Meat Boy’s title character, Piglor the Goat in Goat Simulator, the list goes on. The existing list is sure to grow longer and longer. It’s newest addition being the main character of Kunai, Tabby. Tabby is, well, a tablet. In the Kunai Trailer, released yesterday, Tabby does not exhibit any abilities of tablet, not that there are many. But why is the game called Kunai? That is because Tabby is a totally badass ninja.

Kunai Trailer

Nothing in the trailer explains why Tabby is a tablet or what significance that has. That’s not really a bad thing though. Some things are better left unexplained, like Sonic. Why is he blue? Why is he so fast? Why does his franchise fail when brought into the third-dimension? No one knows. Some things just are, like Tabby. All we know about the game is that it is a Metroidvania side-scroller. Tabby can pick up and use various skills and items to do ninja stuff.

Kunai is made by Turtle Blaze and the Arcade Crew who has produced titles such as Blazing Chrome, Dark Devotion, and Young Souls still in development. Blazing Chrome and Dark Devotion can be played on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. As for Kunai and Young Souls, no release date for either of them. Kunai is set to release on PC and Nintendo Switch. Who knows when you’ll be able to whip around on your *Joey Wheeler voice* Kunai with chain!