Impractical Yet Essential Merchandise

Sonic is a mascot with a face just perfect for being burned onto a piece of toast. If you don’t believe me, there are apparently over a thousand people who disagree with you. The fans asked and Sega delivered. Their limited edition, very real, Sonic the Hedgehog Toasters are being shipped this October.

Sonic the Hedgehog Toasters

The story goes that Sega would only produce these things for real if at least one thousand people expressed interest. At the time this is being written, pre-orders are at over 1100. So rejoice! If Sonic-themed toast is your game, then Sega has you covered! No word on just how ‘limited’ these limited edition products are, but the pre-order site is currently taking orders, which is always a good sign.


If you’re curious, said Sonic the Hedgehog Toasters are only $34.95 USD. They’re shipping to Canada, the US, the UK and much of Europe, meaning that peoples the world over will be able to sear Sonic’s head into their breakfast bread. Of course, as the Sonic head is the only part being toasted, one could argue that this isn’t an especially efficient device for actual breakfast preparation. Those people are, of course, utterly wrong.


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Sega Making Sonic The Hedgehog Toasters