Anyone Who Already Owns the Game Can Still Download and Play Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol is a spy role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment that has been around since its original release in May 2010. Despite average reviews, the game has become a cult classic and retains a strong following. Unfortunately, Alpha Protocol is no longer available of Steam after Sega, the game’s publisher, pulled it from the storefront.


A message on the product page reads “At the request of the publisher, Alpha Protocol is no longer available for sale on Steam”. The ambiguity in the statement is fueling the fire of speculation, as some fans predict a remastering. The truth, however, is far more complicated and severely less exciting.

In an interview with Polygon, a Sega spokesperson says “Following the expiry of Sega’s publishing rights for Alpha Protocol, the title has been removed from Steam and is no longer on sale.” This is probably because of Microsoft purchasing Obsidian Entertainment in November. More specific information is not available as of yet.


An important caveat on this revolves around the initial deal between Obsidian and Sega regarding the intellectual property right of Alpha Protocol. A Eurogame report in 2017 states that Obsidian sacrificed the rights in order to get funding from Sega.

In response to requests for further detail, the Sega representative says they “do not have any answers… as of yet”.