Microsoft Is Holding Back the Major Releases, It Seems

Microsoft is bringing back old-school gameplay with September’s Xbox Live Games with Gold. As a word of warning, none of these four games are AAA releases, but they’re something worth playtesting for the experimental gamer. Dare I say, some of these look fun. It may be that Xbox has gone out of their way with Game Pass and special sales lately, so they’re taking a step back with their free games.

Livelock Top Screen

For the month of September, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will gain access to Prison Architect, Livelock, LEGO Star Wars III: Clone Wars, and Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World. Each game is part of a different genre and brings an entirely different experience to your Xbox library.


For creative simulation, look no farther than Prison Architect, the game that lets you design and run your own prison. Livelock, on the other hand, is a twin-stick shooter that some might qualify as the Diablo of sci-fi action. If science fantasy is more your fancy, then you can pick up Lego Star Wars III and engage in lightsaber duels and starship battles. Last but not least, we’re going further back in time with Monster World, an RPG experience from the heyday of pixel glory.

Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars and Prison Architect will be downloadable for free on Xbox One throughout September. On September 16th, players will have access to Livelock and Monster World, which will leave the free library on October 15th. As always, you must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to download these games. Reminder: Xbox 360 games are available through Xbox One Backward Compatibility.

Any thoughts on next month’s Games with Gold? Which of these Xbox titles stands out to you? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Major Nelson

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September Games With Gold Look Fun but Take a Step Back