Several PlayStation 3 games are turning off the lights in October, Sony has announced. Fans of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Warhawk, and Twisted Metal only have a few more weeks to play these games online. As of October 25, the servers for these games will be shut off, never to return.

The news comes from messages on the PlayStation Store listings, which informs that the games will no longer support online play after the October 25 date. While PlayStation All-Stars and Twisted Metal have single-player content, Warhawk does not, functionally ending the ability to play the game at all unless you connect to other PS3s via LAN.

You can still buy the games and buy any associated DLC. Maybe Sony is prepping for remasters of these games or new entries in these series or maybe the average activity is just low enough that keeping the servers up is no longer feasible. The games had a number of years to operate, especially Warhawk, and games release as recently as last year by Sony have had their online servers shut off.

Several PlayStation 3 First-Party Titles Are Shutting Down Their Servers