You Know, That Crowdfunding Behemoth

You may have cause to wonder, what is Star Citizen doing with all of that money? Aside from crafting planets, ships, characters and weapons, they’re also adding sign language. ASL, to be precise. It’s a small thing that will make a big difference for a lot of people.

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To be specific, the developers at Star Citizen are incorporating sign language emotes into the game with the most recent patch. It’s currently limited to hand signals, but the all-important facial cues are coming at a later date. This is terrific news for anyone for who communicates in ASL first and English second. Which is like, all deaf people.


Not enough games out there make use of this language. Which is a terrible shame, because so many people use it! There’s an entire rich culture connected to ASL, one that hasn’t had much of a footprint in video games. Sure, there was The Quiet Man. But where are all the good video games about the deaf and the hearing impaired? The ones that don’t trivialize the entire condition with the new game plus feature? You can check out the complete breakdown of the latest patch below.


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Sign Language Coming to Star Citizen