The Two Castlevania Heroes Will Be Playable in the Upcoming Fighting Game

Simon Belmont & his descendant Richter are both going to be playable fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, according to an official Nintendo stream that was hosted on Wednesday.

Both Castlevania characters will be able to use their signature whips and special items (such as using crosses and holy water).

According to the stream, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have about 900 music tracks and 34 tracks from the Castlevania games will be included in the game. Players will also be able to create their own playlists, said Nintendo.

Nintendo also announced that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will also have 103 stages and said that many of the stages are “returning favorites”. There’s also going to be a “Stage Morph” option which can cause stages to change mid-match.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The stream also revealed that Shovel Knight, the titular character from the 2014 sidescroller Shovel Knight, will appear in the game as an assist trophy and also that Dark Samus from Metroid, Chrom from Fire Emblem and King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country will all be a fighters in the upcoming Smash game.


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to come out on December 7th for the Nintendo Switch.