More Gwent Adventures Coming Next Month

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game has been in open beta for quite a while. Next month will see the full release of the game on PC, followed a couple of months later on PS4 and Xbox One. On top of that, Thronebreaker, the Gwent single player adventure, will be coming out at the same time.

Gwent Thronebreaker campaign

If you’ve never heard of Thronebreaker, the team at CD Projekt RED decided to craft a full-fledged single player campaign. There will be puzzles to solve, cards to battle with and a brand new story to experience. You’ll be playing as Meve, a lone warrior fending off a Nilfgaardian invasion.


Gwent’s full release is coming with the Homecoming update. Changes in this version of the game include gameplay improvements, a 3D playing field and updated art for the cards. Both the Thronebreaker campaign and the Homecoming update are coming to PC on October 23rd, while the PS4 and the Xbox One won’t be getting these updates until December 4th. A price hasn’t been set for Thronebreaker just yet, though that will likely be announced soon. For more details on these two projects, you can check out the developer video embedded below.