Prey: Mooncrash debuted last month to solid reviews (including ours), earning praise for its intense challenge and how it reassembled the base game to put its best elements at the front. It looks like players who are still stranded on the moon are about to get a few more toys to play with.

Bethesda revealed that the game’s Full Moon Update had gone live. This update adds a number of items to Mooncrash including weapons and gear. Here’s the full list:

  • Skyrim Theme Operator
  • The Evil Within Theme Operator
  • Striped Top Hat Mimic
  • Bamboo Hat Mimic
  • Engraved Silenced Pistol
  • Engraved Shotgun
  • Engraved G.L.O.O. Cannon
  • Engraved Wrench

According to Bethesda, Full Moon is the first of several incoming updates: “And keep an eye out for future free updates. The next one drops in just a few weeks, and Mooncrash’s largest free offering – the Typhon Hunter multiplayer update – comes later this summer. “

Skyrim And The Evil Within Meet Prey In Mooncrash’s First Free Update