Modding Community Lashing Out at Lead Programmer of Skyrim Together Team

As previously discussed in another article, Skyrim Together takes on the ambitious task of creating online multiplayer capabilities for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Elder Scrolls Online may exist but who hasn’t dreamt of working with friends to end the dragon threat plaguing Skyrim? Or to choose an alliance and become heroes in the civil war between the Empire and Stormcloaks? Skyrim Together aims to make this dream a reality. However, some problems along the way have resulted in death threats levied towards the lead programmer, Max Griot.

Skyrim Together

In March 2019, it came to light the Skyrim Together developers had stolen code. This code belongs to the Skyrim Script Extender team and as a result, the code has been removed from Skyrim Together. An apology has subsequently been issued. Allegedly there has been a prior conflict between the Skyrim Script Extender team and Griot that may have exacerbated the situation.

In April 2019, Max Griot angrily responded to a Reddit thread entitled, “Is something going to happen?“. Griot writes that they “don’t owe the community anything” and admits the team is considering scrapping the project entirely due to the toxicity in the community. As one would expect, this did not go over well and people began calling the project a “scam”.

Griot recently apologized for his response and guaranteed the team is continuing to work on the project. No details regarding the specific nature of the threats are as of yet forthcoming. In a May Report, Skyrim Together writes “Since March a part of the community has been harassing [Max Griot], even going so far as to send multiple direct death threats (all of which have been properly reported to the appropriate authorities).” It is worrying to note that the threats were troubling enough to involve the authorities.

Skyrim Together hopes to allow all of us to enjoy the epic province of Skyrim together. Many of the developers are students or have separate full-time jobs. They sacrifice their spare time into creating this amazing content for everyone. Therefore, it’s time to let the Skyrim Together team do their thing without inappropriate intrusions.

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‘Skyrim Together’ Developer Receives Death Threats

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