What Could These New SNK Games Be?

The official SNK Japan Twitter account tweeted on Sunday that new games were going to be announced and a link that was posted in the tweet gave a date for those announcements: September 10th.


Currently, the webpage the link is for has a single line that reads “A New Dawn Rises…”. Unfortunately, that’s about the only notable thing webpage has (aside from a countdown timer) and there doesn’t appear to be many other hints as to what exactly this big announcement will entail.

Could it be a new King of Fighters game? A new Metal Slug? Another Samurai Showdown game? Maybe it’s a new IP altogether?

Honestly, it’s anyone’s guess what these announcements will be but here’s hoping that whatever games that are revealed will be exciting.


What games do you think that SNK is going to reveal next Monday? Will they be new entries in existing series, new IPs, or a bit of both? Would you want there to be a new, say, King of Fighters game or maybe even a new SNK vs Capcom game?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this in the comments section below!


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SNK Is Announcing New Games Next Week