As popular as the Switch is, there isn’t a single traditional MMO experience available for the console on these shores. While it makes some kind of sense in that portable mode conflicts with the always online requirement MMO’s have, not everyone plays their Switch exclusively on the go. The hybrid nature of the device was chosen specifically to have full console experiences on there, so why not adapt a free-to-play MMO for the system?

The wait for such a game will soon be coming to an end. Last month, Daybreak Games announced that DC Universe Online will be heading to the Switch with nearly 10 years worth of content in tow. A massive undertaking, the biggest question about this new port is how it runs. Third-party ports don’t always end up that great on Nintendo’s little device and playing an MMO at 15 FPS doesn’t sound like something anyone would want to endure.

You can put your fears to bed: DC Universe Online runs perfectly fine on Switch. It won’t blow your mind with blistering fast framerates, but this is a more than adequate port of a resource heavy MMO, on a system that arguably shouldn’t be able to run it.

Somehow, Switch runs DC Universe Online perfectly fine screenshot

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Somehow, Switch runs DC Universe Online perfectly fine