500 Million Consoles Later, Here’s the Newest PS4 Pro

Recently, Sony managed to reach 523 million console sales, which includes hardware sales dating back to the PlayStation One era. And to commemorate their achievement, the big gaming company has unveiled their all-new 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro.

As you can imagine, selling 500 million sold consoles is quite the feat, which is why Sony offered thanks in conjunction with a new product for the market. Here’s what Senior Vice President of PlayStation Worldwide Marketing, Eric Lempel, wrote in a blog post:

“Today, I’m thrilled to reveal that Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially sold more than 525.3 Million PlayStation systems worldwide! With 500 Million PlayStation systems sold, that means countless adventures into the unknown, courageous stands against evil, and life-long memories of playing with family and friends. Thank you to all our fans for your passionate support over the past 24 years, which made all of this possible.”


What’s so special about this PS4 Pro, you ask? It comes in a fan-favorite translucent blue color. More than that, the package is jampacked with hardware. For $100 more than a standard PS4 Pro, you’re also getting the translucent blue DualShock 4 controller, a PlayStation Camera, a Vertical Stand, and a Mono Headset. Last but not least, this unique piece of hardware comes pre-installed with 2TB of hard drive space; that’s the biggest hard drive Sony has shipped.

Sony’s 500 Million PlayStation 4 Pro will hit retail shelves on August 24 and will be available for $499.99 USD / $639.99 CAD. Copper plates in the front of every console will contain unique serial numbers, few of which are launch dates of previous PlayStation consoles, so keep an eye out. Translucent blue DualShock 4 controllers will be available for the standalone price of $64.99 USD / $74.99 CAD.

Congratulations to PlayStation on their new milestone.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog