The Rapper Turned Entrepreneur Goes on Tirade

As we previously reported, Soulja Boy is showing no slow down in his take over of the console industry. If you’ve been under a rock for the last week or so, the rapper recently launched “his” own console called the “SouljaGame”. People quickly started pointing out that this was a cheap product readily available through Chinese Shopping Website Aliexpress that he had simply stuck his name and price tag on. While this probably usually wouldn’t cause a stir – the “SouljaGame” boasts a ridiculous amount of games many of which are copyrighted materials. You know who loves taking down folks hosting their pirated works? Nintendo.


While some reports are saying that Nintendo has already contacted Soulja Boy, it doesn’t appear a lawsuit has been filed at this time. This hasn’t stopped Soulja from going on a tirade on Twitter about the subject though. Just a warning – there’s some strong language in the following tweets.

The Crank That artist seems fairly confident that nothing will happen – that his business and product are 100% legit and anyone who says otherwise is just a hater who doesn’t want to see him succeed.  This rant also comes after Soulja accused eCommerce platform Shopify of being racist.

Today’s tirade also saw the rapper fire back at some of his twitter followers/haters, using some colourful language and homophobic slurs in his responses – it has been blurred in the screenshot below.

Soulja Boy ended up deleting all of the tweets mentioned in this post (with the exception of the Shopify ones) and then going about his day like nothing happened.  Nintendo hasn’t commented on anything involving the SouljaGame publicly at this time – but as Soulja sees it, there’s nothing to worry about.

What’s your take on the SouljaConsole, and its successors? Would you pick one up despite the legalities of it all?


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Soulja Boy Fires Back at His Console Haters