The Rapper Pulls “His” SouljaGame Console from Website

If you’ve been following the SouljaGame Saga you may be surprised to hear that Soulja Boy has conceded and removed the consoles – which were emulating ROMS, from his website.

There’s been quite a bit of hubub regarding the consoles – folks were quick to call out that they are Chinese-manufactured ROM machines that Soulja Boy was drop shipping and attaching his name to, while Soulja Boy fired back that these folks were “haters” and he believed himself untouchable from any sort of legal action. While there’s no confirmation that it was indeed Nintendo finally causing him to pull the plug, Soulja Boy’s tweet on the matter is a stark contrast to what he was saying a week ago


His use of “I didn’t have a choice” certainly may point to Nintendo involvement, as we know that Nintendo is fiercely protective of their IPs and have targeted ROM websites and pirates in the past – but the consoles did feature other pirated ROMs, so even with Nintendo’s track record, it wouldn’t be fair to rule out that one of the other companies whos game were feature on the console shut it down before they did.

And so, the SouljaGame and its subsequent related consoles have been pulled from the website – it’s unknown if currently placed orders for any of the consoles will be fulfilled or if those who have purchased will be getting a refund. While the consoles are gone, Soulja Boy is still offering the SouljaPods, SouljaPad and SouljaWatch via his website, and as of two days ago the rapper also does still seem to be aspiring to start an esports team in the new year.

Admittedly, if this is the end of the SouljaGame saga I admit I’m a little sad – all of the build up and clapbacks from Soulja Boy himself had me hoping for more of a bang at the end, instead of what appears to be a fizzle. Of course, if any more details come out, you can be certain we’ll keep reporting on it!


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Soulja Boy Halts Sales of the SouljaGame