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Some say that space is the final frontier. I respectfully disagree. The post-launch era of a game is the final frontier. An era that Astroneer has just entered. If you do not know what Astroneer is, basically it is a cartoon-y version of what No Man’s Sky promised to be. It is a third-person survival space game where players explore, research, and collect resources from various planets. As of February 6th, Astroneer has officially launched for Xbox One and PC after more than two years on Early Access.


The most prominent tool in Astroneer is called the Terrain Tool. It is a two-handed instrument that players can use to terraform the planet’s surface and collect resources. It is the primary way of traversing the landscape and mining. Players can use it to mine into caves, build bridges across chasms, or dig your friend into a hole while they are AFK. Yes, you can play with your friends. Before launch, the game could support up to four players in one game. Now, you can explore with up to seven friends, but who has seven friends, right? Check out the official trailer below.

As the narrative of the trailer points out, players can explore independently on different planets if they wish. Where the game seems to shine is in the multiplayer. Working and exploring together always seems to be the highlight of survival multiplayer games like Minecraft and 7 Days to Die, but this one is in space. The worlds may be vast and many, but they are not procedurally generated, so different games will have the same planets. However, as big as they are, there is still a ton of room for different experiences. And space madness.

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Source: PC Gamer

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Space Survival Astroneer Blasts Off from Early Access