In 2011, Yager Development made waves with the dark, provocative shooter Spec Ops: The Line before changing gears to focus on a space ship combat simulator called Dreadnought. Now the studio is going back to shooters with the multiplayer-focused FPS The Cycle.

The Cycle takes place on an alien world called Fortuna III “full of fortune, alien life, and other players looking to take its riches.” The goal of The Cycle is not to rack up as many kills as possible in a single 20-minute match but instead to complete as many contract as possible, earning money to buy gear and weapons for future matches. Players will be competing with one another but will also have to take on the monsters that populate Fortuna III.

Further details on classes and a crafting system are scant and there’s no gameplay footage or screens (outside of environment shots you can see in the gallery below) for The Cycle. However, Yager says the game will be in closed alpha in the coming weeks, with an early access release target of 2018 for PC. Yager also says it plans to have a console release for the game sometime in the future.

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Spec Ops: The Line developers set their sights on multiplayer