Bring On The Spidey Memes

Great news, everyone! Insomniac’s Spider-Man for the PS4 has gone gold! To celebrate, the studio made a Twitter announcement accompanied by a very familiar image. Said image appears to be an homage to the great Spider-Man meme explosion that unfolded in certain corners of the internet some years back.

Spider-Man Familiar Image

I tried googling Spider-Man memes and most of it was waaaay too gross and/or immature for this article. However, I implore you to do a little research. Not only this image, but the entire Spider-Man meme culture is truly something to behold. There was a time when you couldn’t mention Spider-Man on reddit without the memes actually taking over the comments. Just spectacular to behold.


Beyond the internet subculture references, it’s fantastic news that ol’ Spidey is ready for the PS4. By all accounts this game looks like a straight knockout. If nothing else, everyone on our staff who’s gotten time with it has come away really impressed. Successive reports from after E3 have been equally positive. Spider-Man is coming to the PS4 courtesy of Insomniac Games on September 7th, 2018.


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Spider-Man Celebrates Going Gold With Familiar Image