Spider-Man PS4 – Epic Web Swinging in the Far From Home Suits

You must know by now just how absolutely amazing it feels to web-swing through New York in the latest Spider-Man game. It is breathtaking the amount of amazing detail that goes into every movement, the sheer mechanics of it, the sound of the wind flying by your face, and yet it all feels so incredibly effortless. It is no surprise that this is fundamentally the greatest outing Spider-Man has had in video games, and as if this game wasn’t already enough, to celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home we’ve got two all-new suits to wear! Check it out below to watch some of this amazing footage and forget your worries for a few minutes as you get lost in the beauty of the game.

Spider-Man on PS4 launched last year and has since become the benchmark for Marvel video games, competing closely with the exemplary Arkham series from the DC Universe. Set some time after Spider-Man has become well established as a crime fighter, the game introduces a fresh new take on several villains and uses amazing and intuitive combat controls, along with the outstanding and much lauded web-swinging mechanic which has since made the game famous. Featuring a number of costumes from throughout the comics and films, this latest addition to Peter Parkers digital closet has made fans everywhere extremely excited to bring the costumes of the latest movie – Far From Home – into their favorite Spider-Man game.

Spider-Man PS4 Skins


Spider-Man is available exclusively on PS4, and the two new costumes from Spider-Man: Far From Home are available for free right now. For more information, check out the game’s official website.