War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Is Coming Next Year

Square Enix just announced War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a tactical RPG that will launch sometime in 2019. The game is a new addition to the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius series, which began with the original smartphone game back in 2015.

Square Enix has yet to announce the platform for War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Gumi subsidiary A-Lim developed the original Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, which is similar to the developer’s previous smartphone game, Brave Frontier. It features art from Yoshitaka Amano, who designed many Final Fantasy characters.

“There are two main things that set Brave Exvius apart,” Square Enix Executive Producer Kei Hirono said about the original. “The first is its distinctive pixel art style, which retains the aesthetic of earlier Final Fantasy titles but increases the quality, elevating its visual appeal to the next level. Second, we wanted to create a truly new Final Fantasy title for mobile, which we think we have accomplished.”


Hirono also spoke on the recreation of Final Fantasy characters.

“Our overall worldview of Brave Exvius is that when a player summons a legacy character, what they are getting is not the actual character himself or herself, but a sort of simulacrum that we have created using our own feelings towards that character,” he said. “Because there is a difference between, say, the “real” Cloud Strife and the Cloud Strife we have inserted into the world of Brave Exvius, astute fans may notice a difference between the two.”

“Furthermore, there are sometimes different iterations of characters that have been around for a long time. Bartz for instance, is portrayed differently in Dissidia than he is in Final Fantasy V,” he added. “The version we’ve made for Brave Exvius is yet another interpretation of his character, so you can think of each one as being different. It’s kind of like how Napoleon, the famous historical figure, can be thought of as either an invader or a great conqueror. It all depends on your perspective.”