Time to Wake up and Smell the Freezerburn

Boy howdy, Square Enix has an eventful E3 ahead of them. I say eventful, but there are really just three or four titles we can expect. These titles are huge though. Since Square Enix picked up Dying Light 2, they have confirmed that we will see it at E3. We are also expecting Marvel’s Avengers, though we have not really seen anything other than teasers. The long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake made a big appearance in Sony’s State of Play, but hopefully we will see it again this month. Now, Square Enix is teasing a new IP called Outriders.


What is Outriders? Short answer: nobody knows. The first anybody heard of it was on May 1st. That’s when the Outriders Twitter account was made. Since then, the account has been making regular tweets made to look like mission logs from one Captain Simon B. Archan. From what these tweets tell us, Archan is the captain of the spacecraft Flores. The Flores is heading for the planet called Enoch where they will likely establish a colony. During the journey through space, the Flores receives minor damage to the hull, internal tensions rise, and they lose contact with Earth. After thousands of failed attempts at re-establishing contact, they arrive at Enoch.


Earlier today, Outriders tweeted out a short video of someone in a cryo-tube awakening from cryo-sleep, and they look cryo-serious. This title is so far shrouded in mystery. They only hint that Square Enix may have left is the title. In the mission logs, the Outriders are mentioned. They are possibly a military scouting group, a first contact type of people. We will just have to wait another week before learning anything else from Square Enix.

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Source: Twitter

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Square Enix E3 Conference Gets Busier – Outriders